History and organization

De Pont has been named after the attorney and businessman J.H. de Pont (1915-1987), whose estate provided for the establishment of a foundation to stimulate contemporary visual art in 1988. 

De Pont is housed in the southern Dutch city of Tilburg, in a former wool-spinning mill that has been transformed by Benthem Crouwel Architects into a space where contemporary art can be seen at its best. The vast, light main area of the monumental old factory and the intimate ‘wool-storage rooms' constitute a beautiful environment for the many works of art that De Pont has collected since its opening to the public in September 1992. The acquisition policy aims at accentuating not the breadth but rather the depth of collecting, for which roughly three large exhibitions per year serve as the breeding ground. The additional program of smaller solo presentations in the project space is not directly related to the collection. 

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Board of Trustees

Taco Dibbits (Chairman)
Alexander Collot d'Escury
John Leighton
Caroline de Pont
Steven Vis (secretary/treasurer)

Director & Chief Curator

Martijn van Nieuwenhuyzen

Maria Schnyder