Anish Kapoor

13 Oct 2012 - 27 Jan 2013
work in collection

His imposing ArcelorMittal Orbit in front of London's Olympic Stadium has become known worldwide in just a few weeks. Starting 13 October Anish Kapoor's work can be seen in De Pont as well, in an exhibition that will comprise some twenty-five large-scale sculptures and installations from the period 1992-2012.

Undoubtedly Shooting into the Corner (2009) will be one of the show's highlights, just as it was in Kapoor's exhibition in the Royal Academy, which in 2009 attracted over 300.000 visitors in less than three months time!

De Pont has been following Kapoor's work since the early nineties and owns five works that are almost always on display. The most recent acquisition, the aluminium sculpture Vertigo, is part of the reason why De Pont wanted to organize this presentation. It will the second exhibition that Anish Kapoor will do in Tilburg. The first one took place in 1995.