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Press release: ReView at De Pont

The Opening, archive (photo: Studio van Dusseldorp)

ReView – Anniversary Exhibition

16 September 2017–18 January 2018
Museum De Pont Tilburg, the Netherlands
Opening: Saturday, 16 September

12 September 2017 marks 25 years since Museum De Pont opened its doors to the public in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The anniversary will be celebrated with ReView, a group exhibition that brings back select artworks from De Pont's exhibition history and offers a look at the beginnings of the 25-year-long story of the museum.

Thanks to the legacy of the attorney and businessman J.H. De Pont (1915–1987), a Tilburg native, Museum De Pont has been financially independent for 25 years. When Hendrik Driessen was appointed as the Director of the newly established foundation for the museum in 1989, neither a collection nor a building for De Pont existed yet. The initial acquisitions, shown in the 1992 opening exhibition titled The Opening, immediately revealed the young museum's ambitions.

Museum De Pont’s annual programme includes three solo exhibitions of artists whose work the museum has purchased, or is hoping to acquire. Artists now considered among the most prominent have had exhibitions early in their careers at De Pont, among them Rosemarie Trockel (1993), Roni Horn (1994), Jeff Wall (1994), Luc Tuymans (1995) and Anish Kapoor (1995).

While works purchased by De Pont become part of the collection, those on loan return to the respective artists or owners at the close of an exhibition, and these guest-works also form an important part of De Pont's story. In the anniversary exhibition, ReView, a number of these works (the majority of which are now included in other museum collections) will return for a brief visit. In this way, ReView offers a reunion of old friends and a renewed encounter between the art and its audience.

ReView celebrates the adventure of collecting. At De Pont, collecting has meant carefully building the museum's DNA, which is developed and given further significance with every acquisition and presentation. The members of De Pont's staff make studio visits, attend art fairs and exhibitions and cultivate relationships with artists, aiming not to be distracted by trends but letting themselves be guided by the eye and the heart. Just as in a family, close relationships and fascinating conversations – even tensions – arise among the works in the collection; not to mention a newcomer looking for its place. 

This exhibition offers a glimpse of De Pont's history. On display are several significant works from the opening exhibition, including Richard Long’s Planet Circle; The First People by Marlene Dumas; and Pair Field by Roni Horn. The reconstruction of an initial 'trial installation' will be carried out specially for this occasion. Before the museum had purchased any work, even before the building was finished, Hendrik Driessen borrowed a number of artworks in order to have an idea as to how the building would function.
The first art to enter the building revealed the museum's aspirations: two paintings by Marlene Dumas from the Van Abbemuseum, as well as paintings by Marc Mulders and Rob Birza. These works are now being brought together again in
ReView, making visible the initial ideas and dreams for De Pont for the first time. 

Furthermore, several of Thomas Schütte’s Grosse Geister will be coming to visit their relatives in Tilburg. Also taking part in the celebration is the iconic Jeff Wall photograph Milk and Rosemarie Trockel's 1992 work, Untitled (produced specifically for one of De Pont’s wool-storage spaces), as well as large installations by Ai WeiWei, Christian Boltanski and Robert Therrien. 

The anniversary exhibition promises an affectionate reunion. Long-time visitors will have a new chance to see iconic artworks that were once shown in Tilburg, while others can become acquainted with the important pieces that contributed to the development of Museum De Pont.

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Museum De Pont
The museum was named after attorney and businessman Jan de Pont (1915–1987), whose estate provided for the establishment of a foundation to promote contemporary visual art. De Pont is housed in a former wool spinning mill, transformed by Benthem Crouwel Architects into a space where contemporary art can be seen at its best. The vast, light main area of the monumental old factory and the intimate ‘wool storage rooms’ constitute a beautiful environment for the many works of art that De Pont has collected since opening to the public in September 1992.
From the start, one aim of the museum has been to build a collection that concentrates not only on the breadth, but also represents the depth of important artists of our time. The museum strives to own at least one key work by any artist within its collection in which the specific and underlying interests of that artist’s oeuvre converge.
A new wing extending into part of the museum's garden, was openend in 2016 and offers space for film, photography and video art, as well as for a café with a lounge (complete with fireplace!) and outdoor terrace. Key artists represented in the museum’s collection include Christian BoltanskiTacita Dean, Marlene Dumas, Roni Horn, Anish Kapoor, Richard Long, Sigmar PolkeGerhard RichterThomas Schütte, Rosemarie Trockel, Luc TuymansBill Viola, Mark Wallinger and Ai Weiwei.

Currently on view at Museum De Pont are Fiona Banner: Runway (AW17) (29 April–27 August 2017) and Doorenweerd & Doorenweerd: The Holy Spirit (8 April–2 July 2017). 

25th anniversary celebrations on 16 September
Museum De Pont’s 25th anniversary will be celebrated on 16 September 2017. On this occasion the museum will be given a sculpture by Anish Kapoor which will be placed in front of the museum's entrance. The gift is a joint project with the City of Tilburg, local companies and individuals, Brabant C, Museum De Pont and the artist. Tilburg will be the first Dutch city to house a Kapoor sculpture in a public space. The sculpture will be unveiled on Saturday, 16 September, coinciding with the opening of the commemorative exhibition, ReView

Opening times:
Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am – 5 pm
Every Thursday from 5–8 pm, with free admission
Address:  Wilhelminapark 1, 5041 EA Tilburg
Route:  De Pont is located at the heart of Tilburg, approximately one hour from Amsterdam or Antwerp by car or train.

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