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Newsletter September 2018


Anne & Patrick Poirier - EXOTICA

Anne & Patrick Poirier, Janus 2018
The artistic quest of the French artist duo Anne and Patrick Poirier began nearly fifty years ago in Rome, where they became fascinated with the city's age-old ruins. Archeological excavations attest, in their view, not only to decay or destruction by a war or a natural disaster, but are also a sign of vitality. Throughout the world they have collected remains of the past that constitute the basis for maquettes, series of photographs and works on paper. Their work has been shown only occasionally in the Netherlands. De Pont will provide, for the first time, a broad retrospective ranging from the 1970s to the present. Opens on 15 September. read more

Summer exhibition

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Salamanders 2018 
Until the end of October, De Pont will show a wide selection of works from its own collection, including much-loved pieces by Bill Viola such as The Greeting and Acceptance. A number of recently acquired artworks will also be on view, among them the photo series Manhattan Shut and the painting Landline River by Sean Scully. Added to this is an entire space with work by a real newcomer to the collection: Marvin Gaye Chetwynd. Along with Salamanders, which has been purchased from this British artist, a group of smaller paintings from the series Bat Opera is on view. read more


To Do

Thursday evening at De Pont (donderdagavond@depont) - with free admission from 5 to 8 pm and various activities - has become the talk of the town! At 5:15 pm HappyHour@depont offers a brief introduction to an artwork in the museum; and at 6 pm you can join us for a simple, meat-free meal called Eten wat De Pont schaft! read more



Eric Avery & Lidy Blijdorp 

Now that September is here, we'll be holding the monthly concerts again in collaboration with November Music. On Sunday 23 September the new season begins with double concert in which violinist Eric Avery plays his own work Songs and cellist Lidy Blijdorp treats us to Lidy's Piece, written by Kate Moore. read more

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