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Newsletter October 2018


Anne & Patrick Poirier - EXOTICA

Janus 2018

"Their work deals with the fragility of our culture, the vitality of memory and the awareness of time. This is a limitless area, also geographically in their case. Throughout their lives they have been travelling all over the world looking for archeological sites, places where memory dwells. They observe, discover, gather and investigate. They are researchers in the true sense of the word. And what this activity yields is slowly and meticulously transformed by them into installations, maquettes, photographs, drawings and books. Their work could be described as ruins of the future." (Frits de Coninck, Museumtijdschrift) read more


As of 10 November

Ann Veronica Janssens and Michaël de Kok

Green, Yellow and Pink 2017

Light, color and space are the basic materials of the Belgian artist Ann Veronica Janssens. With these elusive phenomena she creates 'sculptures' that make the invisible visible. In her first major solo exhibition in the Netherlands, she asks for the active involvement of the viewer. read more

On display in the podium space are recent paintings by Michaël de Kok, in which he has translated visual memories of landscape into paint. read more

To Do

Concert: Tom Sanderman

On every fourth Sunday of the month, De Pont holds a concert of contemporary music in collaboration with November Music. On 28 October the young saxophonist Tom Sanderman will be performing. A breathtaking master who has a passion for minimal music. read more

Works on loan

Marlene Dumas in Oslo

Marlene Dumas is considered one of the most influential painters of our time. At the invitation of the Munch museum in Oslo, she has adopted the role of curator for the first time and compiled an exhibition in which the art of Edvard Munch enters into a dialogue with her own works. For this De Pont has lent works, including her Self-Portrait at Noon.

Raoul De Keyser in Gent

On view through 27 January 2019 at S.M.A.K. in Ghent is a major exhibition of work by Raoul De Keyser (1930-2012). He is regarded as the discreet grand master among Belgian painters from the past fifty years. Ever since his debut in 1964, De Keyser developed idiosyncratic, tactile work in which the distinction between figuration and abstraction dissolves due to its poetic connection with the painter's daily life. Various works from De Pont's collection have been included in this first posthumous retrospective.  lees meer

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