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Newsletter October 2017


Anish Kapoor - Sky Mirror

This year De Pont Museum is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary. To mark this occasion, and in recognition of Anish Kapoor's long-standing relationship with the museum, the British artist has created a sculpture of stainless steel, six meters in height. Sky Mirror (for Hendrik) has been made possible thanks to the artist, the museum and a joint gift made by the city of Tilburg, private individuals and businesses in Tilburg, as well as Brabant C, in order to highlight and acknowledge De Pont Museum's achievements. The work was unveiled on Saturday 16 September, in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix. Sky Mirror is placed in a water garden specially designed for it by the British landscape architect Sophie Walker.

"Standing on the plaza in front of De Pont is perhaps one of Anish Kapoor's most beautiful works. In any case, the most recent one. Kapoor has created other Sky Mirrors, but those are all round - furthermore, they're not in the Netherlands. That's precisely what makes this one special. It shows us the Dutch skies that our own artistic patriarchs captured with paint, and which then brought them great renown: Jan van Goyen, Jacob van Ruisdael, Hendrik Willem Mesdag, to name only a few. Kapoor knows his art history and, fortunately, does let himself be inspired by others. But the difference with respect to the Dutch masters is greater than the similarity. This mirror shows us the sky itself in all its agility and doesn't leave the reproduction to paint and canvas, but rather to the sheet of stainless steel that has been polished for weeks on end." Bert Hagenaars, Nederlands Dagblad


Anniversary Exhibition

"De Pont, one of the best museums of contemporary art in our region, is blowing out twenty-five candles. An abundance of first-rate works has come together, as if for a big family reunion.(...) ReView revisits solo presentations that have marked the institution's history, with top artists such as Marlene Dumas, Ai Weiwei, Bill Viola, Jeff Wall. Works lent to these shows now hang alongside work from the museum's own collection. The whole of it conveys a sense of harmony. It's as though friends and relatives got together after many years and started quietly conversing with each other here."
Geert van der Speeten, De Standaard (BE) read more

Anton Henning paints the Salon

Specially for De Pont's 25th year, German artist Anton Henning performed his magic in the museum café's Salon. With playful and colorful patterns he transformed the Salon, in the week prior to the opening of the anniversary exhibition, into one big fascinating abstract painting. Not only were the walls painted: Henning also gave the tables meandering compositions, the patterns of which connect in different ways. The colorful forms seem to set the space in motion.

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