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Newsletter August 2018


The silent emotions of Sean Scully

"In the paintings grandly displayed on a multidimensional structure in the middle of the large space at De Pont, we see a child, depicted in an almost boldly figurative way, playing in the sand - with a sun hat on, holding a little shovel. There is a strong sense of the painter longing to join his youngest son in the enchanted world of a child's imagination. These are intense, colorful works that have, here and there, a touch of Matisse or Nicolas de Staël - painters who also continued to shift back and forth between the abstract and the figurative. Like them, Scully is not concerned with making a choice between the two, but rather with creating rhythmically arranged, repetitive patterns of planes and colors and thereby giving shape to particular emotions, memories and other stirrings of the soul." (Joke J. Hermsen, De Groene Amsterdammer) read more

Summer at De Pont

Marvin Gaye Chtewynd, Salamanders 2018 

Since the Rineke Dijkstra exhibition ended, we have filled those spaces with works from our own collection. Now on display in the new wing are large video works by Mark Wallinger (When Parallel Lines Meet at Infinity), Willy Doherty (Remains) and Anri Sala (Long Sorrow). And of course you'll run into Bill Viola again. In addition to this, we'll be showing a number of recently acquired artworks, including one by a real newcomer in the collection - Marvin Gaye Chetwynd. Surrounding the work Salamanders by this remarkable British artist, an entire space has in fact been hung with smaller paintings from the series Bat Opera. read more

Coming soon: Anne & Patrick Poirier

Anne & Patrick Poirier, Mnémosyne 1990

Driven by their curiosity, the French artist duo Anne & Patrick Poirier roam the past by mapping out archeological sites. For the past fifty years they have been taking photographs, making notes and collecting relics and plants all over the world. This material serves as the basis for maquettes, series of photographs and works on paper. In the Netherlands their work has been seen only on rare occasions. De Pont is offering, for the first time, a broad retrospective covering the period from the 1970s to the present. Opens on 15 September. read more

New Chair of De Pont museum

After having been the Chair of our museum for 30 years,  Jos de Pont has been succeeded by Taco Dibbits, Director-General of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Jos de Pont, the oldest son of our founder Jan de Pont, has been involved with the foundation, which is named after his father, since it was established in 1988. Taco Dibbits has been on De Pont's board since 2011. read more

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