Roni Horn

You are the Weather

10 Jan - 3 May 1998
work in collection

Roni Horn has devoted many books with drawings, writings and photographs to Iceland, where she has stayed frequently over the past twenty years or more. The photographs show chunks of hardened lava, abandoned sheepfolds, tumultuous masses of water and calm, almost heavenly pools of (hot) water. The collective title of these books is To Place. It is not the noun, but rather the verb that interests Horn. In the barren and, in geological terms, young landscape of Iceland, the earth’s crust is still in motion; things are not yet fixed. Precisely because the landscape is so indefinite, the senses can be sharpened and one’s own sense of being can be experienced more fully. In You Are the Weather, that is somewhat out of the context of this Iceland series, she wanted to see if it would be possible to elicit a place from her model’s face - almost like a landscape.”