Mark Wallinger

Race, Class, Sex
a special loan

through 22 Jan 2017
work in collection

A special loan: Race, Class, Sex (1992) by Mark Wallinger

Special loans of work are frequently on view at De Pont. Usually these are ‘reciprocations’ for major work lent from our own collection. In 2008-2009, for instance, we were able to enjoy the famous series 48 Portraits by Gerhard Richter, from the Ludwig Museum in Cologne; and Das Strassenbild, a key work in the oeuvre of Georg Baselitz, will be staying with us until next summer, in exchange for two Grosse Geister by Thomas Schütte that were lent to the Kunstmuseum Bonn. The most recent loan, to be on view until January 2017, comes from a private collection. It consists of four large paintings (each 230 x 300 cm), life-size depictions of racehorses, entirely (but not quite) consistent with the English tradition of animal portraiture. The series was once part of the Saatchi Collection in London and has not been exhibited in public since then.