Mark Wallinger

Chigwell UK 1959, lives and works in London, UK

White Horse
polyester resin, white chalk powder
19,3 x 26,8 x 6,3 cm

In 2008 Mark Wallinger was awarded the commission for a monumental sculpture for the Ebbsfleet Valley development in Kent. His winning project was for the erection of a white horse, 50 meters high, realistic in all detail – a thoroughbred stallion of immense proportions, standing in a field in the Kent countryside. The project has caught the public imagination both locally and nationally and has enjoyed massive and persistent media attention.

This editioned sculpture is the product of state-of-the-art technology: the live thoroughbred racehorse that is the model for the finished work was 3D scanned in sections, using a white light scanner; this is the first time that a live horse has been scanned. Next a solid 3D print was produced from which a mould was made. Each cast is thus a faithful, high resolution 3D representation of the live model. The edition is 1/10 scale of the real horse and approximately1/250 scale of the final landmark. It represents a unique opportunity. The White Horse is surely destined to be one of the iconic emblems of our age.