Bill Viola

Flushing, New York United States 1951, lives and works in Los Angeles

Black and white HD video on plasma display mounted on wall
155,5 x 92,5 x 12,7 cm, 8:14 minutes, ed. 3/5

Acceptance is part of the series Transfigurations, the title of which refers to the moment when a person or an object is transformed not by external means but from within. Viola says "the transformation of the Self, usually provoked by a profound inner revelation or an overwhelming sensation of clarity and fathomless emotion, overcomes the individual until literally a 'new light' dawns on him or her… Some of the most profound human experiences occur at times like these, arising at the outer limits of conscious awareness." In Viola's Transfigurations works, black-and-white images of ghostly figures emerge slowly from complete darkness eventually passing through a threshold of water into a world of color and light. Reacting with a range of emotions from surprise, to confusion, fear and anger, often with a desire to linger, the figures are finally drawn back through to the other realm.