Anne & Patrick Poirier

Marseille 1941 & Nantes 1942, they live and work in Lourmarin, F

resin, gel coat, wood and paint
200 x 400 x 135 cm

The work of Anne & Patrick Poirier has a great deal to do with the way in which history, despite its lessons, continues to repeat itself; and they are fascinated with the beauty of decay. The Janus head is a metaphor for that which we all ultimately are: a temporary vehicle for something as impalpable as the spirit. We look at the two artists, but there is no eye contact.
The internalization which is so characteristic of their work already starts with the exterior as the open rear view of these portraits unfolds. Here lie their dreams, ideas and memories.
Anne & Patrick Poirier, two individuals who have been working together for fifty years: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In the context of their work, this quote from Aristotle couldn't be more appropriate.