Gateways to De Pont
Since december 2015 visitors enter the area in front of De Pont through an actual gateway, consisting of several connected passages. These are open structures and each has its own function. The gateway, which is part of the 'facelift' given to the front area, has been offered as a gift by the city of Tilburg on the occasion of the museum's twentieth anniversary.

The design for this renovation and gateway has been carried out by Benthem Crouwel Architects, the firm which was also responsible for the transformation of the former Thomas de Beer wool-spinning mill into De Pont Museum. 

New Wing and Museumcafé
In 2016 the museum itself has also been renovated and expanded, likewise according to a design by Benthem Crouwel Architects. A new wing extending into part of the museum's garden offers space for film, photography and video art, as well as for a café with a lounge and outdoor terrace.

The new café has been given a central location between the old building and the new wing. The characteristic line of sight along the original exterior wall of the museum toward the garden has remained intact. Upper windows around the space cause the ceiling to 'float' and make the café a spectacularly light space.

As an extension of the café, a lounge forms the transition into the patio and garden. Here one can read, for instance, in a relaxed atmosphere – or warm up, during the winter months, next to the fireplace. By way of a wide corridor situated between the lounge and the restaurant, visitors can walk from the old building into the new wing.

The old café has been transformed into a library and media center. The public facilities now have a logical sequence: entrance, bookshop, library, restaurant, lounge with patio and museum garden. The expansion of the museum has been open to the public since 3 September 2016.